ACTS – American Colleges Tuition Scholarship

CPH Global Educational Consulting is proud to introduce ACTS (American Colleges Tuition Scholarship), a new program designed to help deserving international students enter American colleges and universities.

ACTS was created to help students, who are of sound character, have excellent grades but whose family may not be able to afford the sky-rocketing costs of college tuitions.

The goal is to help match these students with colleges that have partnered with ACTS to offer grants and special scholarships.

At present, there are dozens of American formal four-year universities and colleges
Working with ACT – most recognized by the Chinese Ministry.

These schools are providing varying degrees of scholarships and/or grants. ACT students can choose to study such subjects as: science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, law, economics, management, education, literature, history, philosophy, art and other disciplines. Current high school students or high school graduates are eligible to apply.


“ First, we want to enhance the international students’ understanding of the American culture. Second, we feel that it is important to develop a program to help foster relationships between the Asians and Americans. We want to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the political, economic, cultural, business and educational fields.”


Acceptance into this program is based on the student’s personal performance, study intention, and career goals as well as the student’s school preferences.

Each applicant will undergo a detailed assessment as well as personal interviews. Once accepted into the program, students are matched with a suitable school that most closely suits his or her needs.

Once the ACTS student is accepted by a school, he or she will receive a letter offering customized scholarship options. The student will also receive information regarding their VISA application. Participants must maintain their grades and work toward the integration and participation of American culture.

Program Benefits

Lower Costs

Students accepted into the ACTS program will have access to schools offering special scholarships and/or grants to lower their costs.

Admissions Advantage

ACTS can provide student evaluations and tests to help facilitate conditional admission into some American colleges and universities.

Program Recognition

College diplomas received by ACTS students are recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education and recorded on its official website.


ACTS can offer undergraduate the opportunity to attend a four-year full-time college program.

Advancement Opportunities

After two years, qualified ACT students would have the opportunity to seek enrollment at the top 50 universities.


We work with a wide range of outstanding four-year private and public colleges and universities located throughout the United States. ACTS does not offer community colleges.


Counselors and Directors at ACT are dedicated to finding the right college or university for each student – based on the student’s grades, performance, socialization, and personal career goals.